Ian Laurence Kerr

Individual, Couple & Family Counselling

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Ian Laurence Kerr,

Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

Phone: 0407 431 831


1 Oswald St.,

Mosman NSW 2088.

I am a qualified and skilled  counsellor and therapist who cares deeply about the work I do.


I use psychotherapeutic tools which help you to become more aware of yourself – your automatic behaviour, thinking patterns, blocked emotions, ways of relating to others, your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Relationship Counselling

Working with the dynamic communication that occurs within the counselling session, helps each person to identify behaviours, blocks and upsets and therefore bring a deeper awareness to each person's perspective. 

Looking at family patterns can help with understanding each other without 'the blame'.  It puts each person into the context of their family group - what roles you had within your family, what behaviours and styles of relating were learned and how this is affecting you individually and as a couple.

Counselling can benefit both individuals and couples. Even if your partner is unsure about couple counselling, individuals can still benefit.  Individually you can deepen your own understanding of your relationship and your behaviour within it. You can gain support and clarity about the situation and learn how to make changes to enhance yourself and your relationship.

If you need to understand personal, work, or relationship concerns or troubling feelings, you may find psychotherapy is what you are looking for. It is about giving a voice to your emotional and psychological self; getting to know yourself more deeply.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for families with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, relationship issues, abuse, addictions, transition, grief and loss, eating disorders to just needing to talk confidentially.

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